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The Infant Course

The Infant Course

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This video-based online course is here to end car seat confusion. We believe keeping your infant safe in a car seat shouldn’t be a guessing game. 

Designed to be a foundational education in how car seats and more in-depth information about harnessing and installation of infant seats, this is a great course for first-time parents or caretakers who need a refresher. ;) 

This course answers… 

  • How does a car seat keep my child safe?
  • How long will my child be in a car seat?
  • How do I install my car seat?
  • How do I harness my baby in their car seat?
  • What do I need to know, I didn’t even think to ask?
  • What’s included in the course? 

✔️ On-demand videos you can watch (or binge) at your own pace 

✔️ Interactive quizzes 

✔️ A car seat safety road map that outlines how long your child will likely be in each stage of car seat 

✔️ Demonstrations of different connectors, belt paths and installation methods 

✔️ What to do about after-market car seat accessories (hint: ditch them) 

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