Car Seat Buying Kits

Have you been wanting someone to just tell you which car seat to buy? Look no further. We’ve done the research for you. We’ve simplified the process so you can quickly and confidently identify the best car seat for your unique needs. Created specifically for parents who want to end the stress of shopping for the right car seat, you can feel confident about clicking ‘add to cart.’ 

(Kits are valid for one year)

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Bundle & Save!

Save money and gain car seat confidence?! Yes, please! In this bundle, you’ll learn what car seat to choose AND how to use it. PLUS: LIFETIME ACCESS!

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Help Me Choose a Car Seat (Virtual Consult)

Help Me Choose a Car Seat (15 min. phone call & 45 min. expert research)

Wish you had a personal car seat shopper who was also a nationally certified Child Passenger Safety technician? We've got you covered!

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Car Seat Confidence Boost (Virtual Consult)

Car Seat Confidence Boost (25 min. phone or video chat)

This quickie consult is perfect for anyone who has a couple of specific questions and needs answers from a nationally certified Child Passenger Safety technician.

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