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Wheels Up: Airplane Travel Course

Wheels Up: Airplane Travel Course

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Get the 411 on how to safely travel with your kiddos. 

This online course and workbook walks you through everything you need to know -- from arriving at the airport to getting your rental car -- so that you are ready for anything this trip throws at you (except for lost luggage).

Easily navigate the video and text modules in bite size pieces as you prep for your trip. Plus, get access to our private Wheels Up Facebook group filled with traveling families just like yours ready to share all of their tips and tricks.

This course answers…

  • Do I really want to go through the trouble of installing the car seat on an airplane? Can’t I just check it? 
  • Should I approach booking flights differently with kids in tow? 
  • How do I prepare my child for flying? 
  • How do we get everything through the airport? 
  • What do we need to expect when traveling internationally?

Dust off your suitcase, my friend. It’s time to fly confidently with your precious cargo buckled safely in their car seats.

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